Final Tweaks

So, the ride is almost upon us. 8 months after agreeing to do the ride, it's time for the final little tweaks to the bike, and collate all of my shnizzle ready to take.

Having made the trip to Brimingham on the Thursday for the wonderful bbq, which was a massive success (thanks to everyone who came and supported us!) I noticed a couple of noises coming from my bike which I wasn't very fond of.

So, instead of your traditional bike maintenance stand which costs about a ton, I put my little product design hat on, and conjured up a alternative using materials from around the home, Blue Peter style.

So whilst everyone might not have a 1940's Massey Ferguson tractor fitted with a roll cage lying around their house, most will have a suitcase strap, and something stable to tie it round.

That's right all bike menders out there. Save yourself a hundred notes, and buy yourself a suitcase strap instead!

Oh, and while I'm on. Panniers fit well...thankfully they dont clack into my heel when riding! FEW!


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