Look out for these posters in Birmingham soon.


Having decided to go for a quick ride for a warm up to a football match this afternoon, half way up this hill...

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my bike in it's highest gear decided not to downshift. Eventually came to a standstill and just my luck, a car drove past and laughed at me for not making it to the top of the hill! And this is possibly one of the quietest roads in the UK!

Typical. Will need to check the bike tomorrow. :(


Cheap Helmet - £44.97

The Giro Monza 2011 Bicycle Hemlet

I've had previous editions of this helmet, I think 2005 and 2008. Excellent helmet. If your looking for a helmet for the ride, then look no further!





Our top tube stickers have arrived. If you would like any please send your address to brumtoberlin@gmail.com

Night Riders

Last night myself, Andy, Jess and Neil, with the company of a few other friends completed a 39KM round trip south of Birmingham. We set off at 9pm just after it had got dark, and rode out to the lakes of Earlswood. The twilight made it look like a scene from a horror film, and we even had the handheld camera to add more effect. We decided to aim for Lowsonford a further 9km, but when we got there the pub was closed (at 10pm?) so we took a pretty steep hill up to another pub which was also closed (10PM!!) luckily our last pub attempt paid off, the nice bar lady was supposed to shut at 10 too, but stayed open to we could get a rest up and a drink.

We left Lapworth at 11ish and pushed through the darkness until we reached the lights of Dorridge, Solihull, Shirley then Hall Green.