Backbreak mountain ride

It was last minute, but Andy and myself decided yesterday to take a 40 mile route fully loaded, stay overnight in the tent then cycle back the next day.

It's important that we get used to clocking up miles, sleeping, waking and then going again. So this ride was perfect. I have two panniers set up carrying around 6 or 7 kg. and Andy stuck to the more traditional rucksack.

We left late after a day each at work and spent about 2.5 hours cycling through some very dark and LONG A roads. We got to Malvern at 11ish and climbed up the hill before realising it was going to be way to steep to pitch. We found a nice patch of shrub land between to roads, and hid the tent and bikes under a tree. we made tea and some dinner then got some sleep before waking in the morning and doing it all over again!

This ride is good, but one for climbers rather than fans of flat land, some very long slow hills which got easier and easier as our legs adjusted.

Possibly going next week too, hopefully a new location.

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