Short ride with Luke

After speaking to Luke on Monday, it was clear he wanted to try and join in the challenge, but before he committed fully, he wanted to make sure he could do it. He doesn't ride regularly and borrowed a bike off his step-dad. but today we went for a brisk 10 mile spin through the country lanes of Earlswood.

things went downhill after just 1 1/2 miles when Luke got a flat just as we were getting started, and the worst part is we had to ring Ed and his 'support car' to come and help out.

after a gloat on the phone Ed turned up with Dean and the Kangoo to take Luke and his bike to a local shop to grab a new tube. 

So I set off on my own to finish the ride, then meet them at the pub for a sit down/fixed Lukes wheel/natter then we were off again back towards home.

Was a nice ride, great weather and smooth roads, but there was loads of spare road that we didn't try out, so I think another few trips spreading out a bit more will be on the cards for the coming weeks. 

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