DAY NINE - Berkelhook to Bippen/Furstenau

The weather seemed quite good when we awoke on the morning of day nine. We packed up our stuff as usual and, although it did rain in the night, the tents were drying well and we left the campsite at around 9am. We were splitting the trip from here to Bremen into two days as the rain started once again, and we were still 140 miles from the city.

We headed northwest through Vreden and then Ahaus (we couldn't get the Madness song out of our heads for hours.) and then the rain started. It didn't last too long however, so we kept moving. 

We were used to the flat roads now, and were working well as a group again. We mounted the camera to the front and to the back of the bike, so we got some decent footage for the video too!

At lunchtime we stopped in a small city called Rheine (ironically the river that passes through is the Ems) The city was nice, it was packed full of people and we had our first Currywurst of the trip. It was from a van and it tasted awesome.

We had a quick scout round to buy each other a 1 Euro gift. We also nearly bought Dyfan a huge wool saddle cover, but he said he wouldn't use it. So Ed brought him a small plastic windmill for the front of his bike instead.

We set off out of the city, and into a vast expanse of farmland, around 25 miles of field after field, and because of this grid-like layout the roads we very straight and dull - the weather was good though so we kept turning the cranks until the sun started to drop in the sky.

We were heading for Bippen, and on the way dropped into a super market to get some dinner. When we asked the staff they told us that there was no campsite in Bippen... It was getting late, but luckily they pointed us towards one in the village 3Km away called Furstenau.

It took us a few attempts, but when we got there the place was very quiet, and the receptionist kept laughing at us. She was friendly though, and she led us to our pitch. We passed loads of caravans and (un) mobile homes. All of which were empty. 

The campsite had a nice bar and, after being chased by a big goose, we decided to get the second Currywurst of the day and sit back with a beer.

Tomorrow we would make it to Bremen.

Total miles: 65.2
Time in the saddle: 4h 15m
Total time: 9h 20m

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