Half a century, half by night

On Tuesday we added another 52 miles to our training tally. Riding south from the city we took the A road leading directly to Stratford, these 20 miles were fairly flat, but we had to ride in single file (it being and A road) and the scenery was pretty dull too, so we were glad to get to Stratford. Jeet got the train from Birmingham as he was running late, and he walked down to meet us on the banks of the river. After a 30 minute re-fuel of Pink Wafers, Fig Rolls and Garibaldi's we set off again.
We left passed the train station and staright onto a nice quite b road as the sun set behind us. We followed a similar route to the one we did last week, through some nice coutryside, although this time we couldn't see it. We had left Stratford at 10pm and took a wrong turn missing Tanworth. We took a quick break on top of a bridge, then followed the dual carriage way back to Wythal. The petrol station was closed, which meant no Milk Chews, but we weren't too upset. 5 more miles and we were back home.

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